Monday, February 11, 2008

What Sucks…The Reaper

Nice job Reaper taking this guy out un-ironically with a quiet death in Little Rock, Arkansas when you could have had him go swimming in the ocean and die victim of a shark attack. Seriously reaper, way to go. You fucked this up twice- first killing a quality character actor once again, and secondly, not having him taken by shark.

Incidentally, Jaws has been called (by me) one of the most realistic depictions of vicious, human eating sharks to ever appear on film. The thing might as well have been a documentary.

Godspeed Roy Scheider. With him now departed, along with Robert Shaw, both not of wounds suffered in a shark fight, the Reaper is only left with Richard Dreyfuss to kill, with a shark. Don’t fuck it up, reaper.


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SethG said...

I used to religiously check, but now I just rely on you for all names of interest. Thank you for providing this valuable service to your readers.

Incidentally, Razorback has been called (by TV Guide) arguably the best movie ever made about a large, man-eating hog.

Wouldn't a Henry Winkler shark death be ironic?

Anonymous said...

Hey naive dude -- you want to see real killer sharks? - i mean sharks that will cut off your balls by just thinking about it - i mean sharks that will make Robert Shaw wish he was back floating among the debris of the Indianapolis - i mean Shark cunts with teeth that can chew cannon balls and pussies so rough they can choke a python.

C'mon out to LA dude with the