Monday, February 25, 2008

What Sucks…People Magazine: Perv Watch V.17

For the longest time I have wondered why magazines like People, US Weekly and even Vanity Fair would lay out so much coin for the “first, exclusive” shots of some celebrity’s baby. I mean, who gives a shit? It’s a baby- they’re all over the place and they all look pretty much the same. You see them everyday- on the street, in a stroller- why the excitement? What is this, “Children of Men”? Who cares if it belongs to J. Lo, Tori Spelling or character actress Diane Weist.

Then the pictures of Christina Aguilera came out and it hit me- this isn’t about babies at all…

…it’s about boobs. People and magazines like them are just trying to capitalize on the swelled boobs of recent moms. Pervs! That’s why you never see dads on the cover of these magazines proudly posing with their newborns- I guess because their crotches don’t swell after birth, only, sadly before.

So nice try pervs at People, Us Weekly and other gossip rags pretending to bring the public the “news” on celebrity birth. At least “Juggs” and “Ready To Drop” are honest about what they are doing.

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GOD, why even people have to make this Boobs a hot topic? I mean it's her life who the hell are you to say anything or post anything about them?