Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Sucks…On “The Sauce” On Fuse, Tomorrow (2/28) 11AM Be There Or Be At Work Like A Normal Person!

Can’t get enough of the magic of “What Sucks” in its blog form? Have a cable box that goes to 4 digits? Then you can catch me, on the same show as Ashlee Simpson by the way, on Fuse’s “The Sauce” the number one rated show on Fuse, probably.

Check your local listings for what channel Fuse is- in Hoboken, it’s Channel 56, but in your town it may even be higher!

That’s “The Sauce” on Fuse, tomorrow morning 11AM. Originally airing last night at 6, but I couldn’t post in time.

Or online here- at

Check under “Saucy Bits”.

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