Friday, February 01, 2008

What Sucks...On "The Sauce" 11 AM Today On Fuse

Hey everyone with cable at work (7 people) check out What Sucks in its 2008 premiere in the rebroadcast of Fuse's The Sauce today at 11! I'd have told you yesterday but my beloved G4 crashed like Amy Winehouse after a six day bender where on the 7th day she flew in a Blue Angel's Air Show with her pilot Billy Joel! (You see what I'm doing there- there's a lot of crashing going on- the in flight movie is Paul Haggis' terrible "Crash" and Dave Matthews played the event live via satellite and they do "Crash".)

I'm devastated about my computer by the way, I had to bring it to the 5th Avenue Mac Store in NYC, it was like identifying a body at the morgue.


Marlena said...

dude its monday, maybe we should talk about your workload

Anonymous said...

This show will be reairing this Thursday at 6pm and Friday at 11am