Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What Sucks…Either MSNBC Or Lemons

The race for the Peabody or Pulitzer or Oscar or whatever the hell award you give for journalistic awesomeness is appears to be over as MSNBC today issued a stark warning against lemons, sure to rile anyone who was about to have an iced tea, diet coke or Corona. MSNBC’s warning comes after much speculation as to whether or not lemons have poop on them. Turns out, they may.

Be careful out there people, go with the lime today.

Tomorrow on MSNBC, is there chunky puke in your egg roll. Part one of a 6 part series.

Also, next week, on MSNBC, is there an ass-hair in one fifth of all empanadas made in the northeast?

Finally, one month from on Hardball with Chris Matthews, after you go home from work, is someone putting their dick in your company’s water cooler?

1 comment:

Paul said...

Sadly, it actually affected me. We got an emergency email from Corporate "Take lemon wedges off the condiment stand, have guests come up to the counter to ask for them