Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Sucks…Congress

Yeah, sorry for a boring, unimaginative post on something as universally reviled as congress, I mean I bet you’re like “Congress sucks? Really? No, I thought they were great. Seriously they suck? They do? No way. You sure? Congress right? Wow, (you call into the next room) honey, did you know Congress sucked? Yeah. Me too, I was totally shocked to find out. You know what, I bet getting hit in the nuts with an anvil sucks too.” To which I would have said “Jeezus! Enough with the sarcasm. I get it.”

What particularly sickens me is something that went down, I think last week, and I think it needs to be said that as much of a colossal pig George Bush is, and he is a serious pig, congress is pretty much, almost as bad and in some ways, worse.

Last week the Senate passed a bill that would grant “retroactive immunity” to the telecom companies that helped spy on Americans without a warrant. Just like that. They give a free pass the corporations who let the government, without any question, tap into your phone calls, etc. Completely just rolled over and guaranteed that no one from any corporation would ever have to be accountable for letting the government listen in on calls without a warrant.

If the world worked this way, there would not be 5 seasons of the Wire- there would be one episode. “Oh, Avon Barksdale deals drugs? Eavesdrop on him and arrest him.” Orlando from season one lives, and we never really get to know Omar.

Just a note here- I’m not bitching about whether or not warrantless wire tappings are excusable in the context of national security, this is about the congress, recently elected under the guise of holding the Bush administration and republicans in general accountable for their action, with a few exceptions, basically bending over on a major issue probably because they were either too in the pocket of corporations in the telecom industry, or they didn’t want to be confronted on national security by their opponents. Disgraceful. These are the assholes everyone worked so hard to elect so they would stand up to President Bush, now 0 for 11 in standing up to Bush on issues regarding our the war and our liberties and freedoms.

I don’t know what to say- I guess write your Senator a letter. Everyone but Chris Dodd, who was a big voice against this. And of course, if you don’t feel like writing a letter, you can cut and paste the one below into an email.

Dear Senator Douchebag,

I can’t believe what a pussy you are. Way to give retroactive immunity to the telecom companies who so readily let the government listen in on our calls. Way to basically say “no problem” to the biggest invasion of privacy by our government in our lifetimes. What to lay down every time Bush violates our freedoms or circumvents our law- and way to constantly bitch about where he took the country, while not doing a thing to stop him. To call you pussies is to insult pussies.

In closing, let me say I hope an anvil falls on your dick. Do us all a favor and go blow a badger.

Yours in Christ,

(Your Name)


gabrus said...

take that congress

Frank Gibson said...

Actually, in this particular case, just the Senate sucks. The House of Representatives' version of the Surveillance Bill does NOT feature telecom immunity, and since democrats are running the "conferencing" process, the final, reconciled version of the bill would likely not feature telecom immunity.

and only just barely more than half of congress was elected to stand up to Bush. the other half of congress was elected to stand up to the "lib'rulls".

But yeah, basically Bush's reasoning for the immunity goes like this: "We can't have companies thinking they will be held accountable for listening to the President instead of following the law, because if we do, then next time I ask a company to break the law, they might not cooperate!"

Now THAT guy, he sucks.