Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Sucks… Snakes!

Snakes will eat your dog. In front of you. In front of your kids.

Here’s what we know about snakes.

They slither around on their bellies.
They can swim and climb trees.
They can disengage their jaws to eat things bigger than their mouths.
They have long tongues they use to smell.
Horses are scared shitless of them.
Many of them are poisonous and their bites, fatal to humans.
And now, they stalk and kill dogs.

Nice job making these things, God seriously way to fucking go. The world has enough flowers that cure diseases? Couldn’t make a rainbow that came after a snowstorm? No, let’s make a huge muscular thing with no arms or legs than can rattle, skim across a pond and eats its food whole. Way to friggin go.


Anonymous said...

The kind of people that would have a pet snake (and feed it live food) are the same kind of sadists that would enjoy watching dog fighting.

Think US football player Michael Vick.

Why anyone would own a snake is beyond my comprehension. They don't do anything except lay under a heat lamp inside a plexiglass box... unless they escape and kill something.

Etc. A shitty pet all around.

Anonymous said...

You can think what you want. I have owned a Red Tail Boa for four years. She is a great pet and far easier to take care of than a dog or a cat even. I work 60 hour weeks. I have no interest at all in dog fighting, nor do I feed my snake live animals. There is no need for it in captivity, and I have no desire to watch an animal suffer needlessly. I handle Sage a couple times a week to keep her tame. I built a sturdy, very nice enclosure for her. It's fun to watch her climb around at night, she can be very active, and there are times I don't see her for a week. So what?

Anonymous said...

Well, you're saying all of us that keep snakes are sadists, and that we suck? Don't think so. I'm thirteen and i have had some problems and can be slight stressful. My small baby ball python really helps me relax. Snakes bite when they are hungry or intimidated. Hungry in 90 per cent of the time. My snake is calm and curious. Dogs are expensive, difficult, smell, loud and just gives you SO much restriction. All snakes isn't 20 foot killer pythons. You can just blame the family for letting the snake run free and not keeping it entertained.

Smith said...


Kawaii Marshmallowlover said...

Shut your bitch ass face

Anonymous said...

Actually, there are only one (or two?) species of poisonous snakes. The word you are looking for is venomous. And a lot of snakes are not. Even some of the ones who are aren’t capable of killing a human being. There is a much, much bigger chance of being killed by a dog or a cow than a venomous snake. Besides, we kill more chickens, cows, pigs per person than the amount of prey every snake kills.

The fact that it’s a dog that was killed in front of its family doesn’t make the snake any worse, it’s just plain instinct. Cats have hunted 33 species to extinction, does that mean cat owners are the kind of people that would go hunt tigers? Probably not. Almost all venomous snake bites in the US from 1990-2010 were totally the humans fault. They either tried to kill it and died, irresponsibly kept venemous snakes and got bit picked up a venomous snake for really stupid reasons (like trying to sex it or show the snake to their children), tried to kill it for religious reasons and people who got bit and refused to get medical attention.

Snakes make really good pets, and help a lot of people with depression, anxiety, stress, autism etc. They can actually be pretty active depending on the species. And they are really cheap pets, barely smell, rarely bite (depends on the species, obviously, but most commonly kept pet snakes like ball pythons, corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes, hognoses, red tail boas and kenyan sand boas are very, very docile. They are less likely to bite you than a dog, hamster or cat, and all those hurt more than snakes from what I’ve heard.), look really cool and beautiful, come in many cool patterns and colors (morphs), don’t usually take up much space (some bigger snakes like Burmese pythons, anacondas and red tail boas do take up quite a bit of space. If you were to keep a hamster that size their enclosure would be much, much bigger though), they are really docile, are really interesting to look at (unless they are a Kenyan sand boa, they are pretty boring lol), fun to handle, and really, really calming to hold in a way. It’s just really sad to see all this misinformation surrounding sneks.