Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Sucks…What Sucks Flash Poll UPDATE: Under A ½ Hour Left- Greenspan Pulling Away

Voters have turned out in record What Sucks Flash Poll numbers to speculate that Alan Greenspan does, to the best of their knowledge, have the saggiest balls when compared to 3 other famous guys named “Alan”. Unofficially, in the last 2 hours, Greenspan has surged to triple the number of votes his closest competitor, Alan Alda. At this point, it would take an incredible run of people who think Alan Alda’s balls are saggy, for him to overcome Greenspan. Further, WhatSucksBlog is prepared to call it for Greenspan. The people have spoken and, apparently feel that when compared to Alans; Alda, Thicke and Arkin (a surprise 1 vote), Greenspan has the saggiest ballsack.

UPDATE II 5:58 EST: It's official- Greenspan wins!


Ben said...

I can't believe I didn't get to vote in this.

Anonymous said...

I just did an Internet search for Honore de Balzac and this page came up!