Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What Sucks...Time Magazine: Perv Watch V.16

Nice. I’ll make this quick so these pervs can go get their Pulitzers. By the way, memo to the people who organize the Pulitzer’s- put bananas on your hors' devours list this year otherwise the shit will be flying. You know what, shit will be flying anyway, these pervs will be bringing monkey hookers to your ceremony.

So clearly some perv at Time Magazine is not only trying to have sex with a monkey, but he/she is trying to have sex with a monkey who is a prostitute. So apparently, unlike the folks over at US News And World Report, they can’t even get a monkey to like them enough to have sex with them without having to pay for it. Very nice.

Now of course, I could totally be looking at this headline and taking it the wrong way. It’s entirely possible that the writer is hooker him/ herself and is merely looking to sell themselves to monkeys for sex but come on, in that scenario, isn’t that even worse? What could a monkey possibly pay you for sex? A few seeds? A banana? Lice from another monkey?

Bottom line, writers at Time magazine should not be using their jobs to try and fuck monkeys be it for payment or otherwise- and I expect all you readers to agree with me.

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Mike Marsh said...

Preach it!