Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What Sucks…Rudy Giuliani

That’s it? You’re out?! Damn. 2 months ago you were going to be such a kick-ass President we were going put you on the $9-11 Dollar bill. Today, you’re out of the race. Wow. What a difference a few months and “getting to know you” makes.

I’m pissed I missed the press conference where the announcement came. What reason did Rudy give? He was leaving the race to spend less time with his family? He wanted to devote himself full-time mentioning 9-11? While you were running I was going to make a joke about Judy Nathan becoming the 1st Lady, but no one knew for sure if you’d still be married to her when you were inaugurated (he's gets married a lot).

Not to make you feel bad but, you lost to this guy.


Travis said...

$9-11 Dollar bill...awesome.

frenchtoast said...

I figured he's getting ready to marry another cousin. Is he from West Virginia!?