Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Sucks…Quick Hits: Amy Winehouse, Denise Richards, Fred Thompson, People Who Say “Excuse My French” When They Curse

…Amy Winehouse

Smoking crack on film? Come on Winehouse, leave a little mystery! Seriously, is there a drug this girl does that I haven’t seen her do on film? Her next video take place in a meth lab? And by the way, forget all that stuff you heard about crack-heads looking like zombies, this chick proves you can smoke crack and still look good!*

*denotes: no she doesn’t.

…The Judge Who Let Denise Richards Use Her Kids In A Reality Show

What a no-win situation. What else was on his docket, The People V. A Tree Falling Down In A Forest With No One Around To Hear It? King Solomon would excuse himself from this case. Let’s see, let these kids be put on a reality show with their mom Denise Richards, or have them go live with Charlie Sheen. Shit at least with the reality show there’ll be a filmed record of who is fucking those kids up. Any way you look at it this is a major set back for Charlie Sheen and hookers who like to be around little kids.

…Fred Thompson

That’s it? You’re out? I honestly thought I’d have more time to mock you. Come on, like after a debate I wanted to say- “People compared you to Reagan? Really? Was it late 1990’s Reagan?” That would have been a good zinger.

…People Who Use Foul Language And Then Say “Excuse my French”

Dude, if your French is so bad it sounds like “mother fucker”, I’d prefer it if you would stick to English!

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Anonymous said...

There you go again, taking France's side.

Were you wearing your beret while writing this?