Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Sucks…Golfweek Magazine

Jesus! You see this thing? This is GOLFWEEK MAGAZINE! That cover would be considered too much for Noose Monthly! What’s on the inside- “How to use your wedge to commit a hate crime”?! “Effective Putting Techniques While Wearing A Hood”?! A letter to the editor by Michael Richards as dictated by Trent Lott?

By the way, how many racists work over there for this thing to get past the guy in charge of headlines, the guy in charge of the art department, all the editors, the printing press guys, the ad sales guys, the editor-in-chief and kid on the street saying “Extra, Extra!” (I like to think 1920’s paper boys are the main source of information distribution.) Thank god this magazine deals with Golf, or black people would actually see it and be offended.

And yes, they fired the editor but something tells me they still don’t get it.

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Joe Ardent said...

OK, I agree: golf sucks. By reasonable extension, Golfweek Magazine sucks, as it's about golf. But what the fuck? "Noose" == "hate black people"? Where did that come from? No one has ever been hung before, or continues to be hung, that wasn't or isn't black? What about those old El Paso salsa commercials, the ones that end, "Get a rope?" Were they racist too?

Anonymous said...

The cover of the magazine is a reference to a golf commentator that said something about "lynching" tiger woods.

No one was hanged during the writing of this comment.

Joe Ardent said...

OK, that's pretty fucked up and racist :) Mea culpa.