Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What Sucks...American Gladiators

Surprised people are watching? I’m not. People followed Stalin.

What I can’t believe is that this a part of a network’s response to a writer’s strike. No wonder NBC/ Universal has been so long in getting back to the negotiating table, they have to drag those pumpkin-sized balls up there every time.

TV had 15 years to improve this thing and all they added was Hulk Hogan? Look, I’m all for divorcees’ and single parents trying to make quick a 100 grand going up against ‘roided up psychos like Helga but don’t tell me because 12 million people watched this thing when it debuted it’s a break out hit. People would watch books right now if they were as aggressively marketed as first run shows.

Thank god Jon Stewart is writing the first 2 acts of “’A’ Daily Show”, or there would be nothing on TV to watch.

American Gladiators is on NBC, Monday Nights at 8PM!

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You don't like Wolf?