Monday, December 17, 2007

What Sucks...Tony Romo

Absolutely, no credit. None. As a matter of fact, you’re a disgrace.

You bring Jessica Simpson to a game where she wears a pink Cowboy jersey with your number on it, then you go 13 for 36 and throw 3 interceptions in a 10-6 loss against the Eagles at home? Do you have any idea how weak that is? Am I supposed to be impressed you’re with Jessica Simpson? You are the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys! You’ve sullied the ring of honor that encircles that stadium. Do you think Roger Staubach would ever, in a million years bring Jessica Simpson to a game? He’s Roger Fucking Staubach, he went to Navy and won Super Bowl 6 and 11 for Christsakes, she fucked Nick Lachey.

That is some seriously sorry shit. Tom Landry once walked that field- Mike Ditka and Randy White wore that jersey, now you have a moron who dated John Mayer wearing it?

Would Troy Aikman ever pull this shit? The guy dated Sandra Bullock and that was back when that shit meant something!

The Cowboys are done. Put a fork in them. Craig Morton wouldn't pull that shit.


pizzabagel said...

I was waiting for you to comment on this. Surprised you didn't beat on the president of Afghanastan for pardoning that rape victim-WHAT THE F--K DUDE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nick Lachey is hot!