Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What Sucks…The Miserable Existence Of Ziggy


Get ready for the “Comic Strip Character Found Dead From Self Inflicted Gun Shot Wound, Bottle Of Pills Found Nearby, Too Difficult For Him To Open” headlines that should start to flood our newspapers any day.

Here are the past 5 days of Ziggy. Holy shit does life use that guy as a bedpan.

String these together and look at them very fast and you have the prequel to “Falling Down”.

Just to point out something here, in this one, his reflection literally calls in sick!

What the fuck does this lady care if Ziggy doesn’t have any coupons? If he wants to pay full price, let him! Doesn't it make her job easier?

Clearly Cablevision is not above taunting this guy into depression. Thank G-d these comics are only one frame, reading frame two, where Ziggy calls a suicide prevention hotline, and three, where they try and taunt him into offing himself, would get tiresome after a while.

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s strip where Ziggy mistakes a plugged in iron for a phone and burns his face off.

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Media Yenta said...

Thanks. I've been waiting since 1985 for someone to give it to Ziggy. Can you do "Kazoo"" or "Andy Capp" next?