Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What Sucks...The Bachelor, Brooke Hogan, King Solomon and GTA4: Quick Hits!

…The Bachelor

The Bachelor didn’t pick a winner this time which leads to an interesting question- the Bachelor is still on TV? By the way, this is metaphor meeting reality- there are no winners on the Bachelor-everyone loses, and now, there is LITERALLY no winner- someone check on the Space/Time Continuum.

…Brooke Hogan

Look, I don’t want to be catty or mean but look at this picture. Yuck. I’m gonna make it as clear as I can for you. You show me a guy who finds Brooke Hogan hot and I’ll show you a dude who would fuck the Hulkster.

…King Solomon

People say this guy was wise? He almost cut a baby in half! Wise? How bout homicidal? What, in 2000 years are people going to be talking about the "wisdom of Dahmer"?

…The Delays on Video Game Releases

GTA 4 is now pushed back to Spring of 08’? What the hell is taking so long? Is this thing taking place in Liberty City or on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Hey Rockstar, they’re hookers, not Mona Lisa’s!

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