Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Sucks…Lynne Spears As A Mom

Jamie Lynn prego, Britney well, herself- what a red-letter day for white trash in America as Lynne Spears makes a late push for Mom Of The Year.

I think we all owe Dina Lohan an apology. And Kathy Hilton. And maybe Jeffrey Dahmer’s mom too. And whoever raises badgers. Wow. 16 years old, with a live in boyfriend and a bun in the oven. It’s impressive when you can bring shame to your family when your older sister is Britney Spears. Seriously, when someone in this family acts out for attention, they really want some friggin’ attention.

By the way, memo to guys having sex with the Spears girls- USE A CONDOM! This family is fertile, I understand Sean Preston is involved in a paternity suit that starts next week.

In the meantime, please do the right thing and cut and paste the following into an email, and send it off as soon as you can to

Dear Dina Lohan:

I am sorry for thinking you were the worst mother of all time. Yes, you party with your daughter and revel in her spotlight, relentlessly sending her out into the Hollywood night to bring home your coke money, and yes you publicly use her as a pawn in the fight against your ex-husband, and yes you derive your income from the work she does, but at least you didn’t raise someone who would marry K Fed AND someone else who is pregnant at 16.

Please accept this apology and forward this to Paris Hilton’s and Nicole Ritchie’s mom when you’re done with it.

Respectfully Yours,

PS Special thanks to Steve for the cool graphic.

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disco said...

Even better was that there was a Christian book publisher that was willing to have Lynn Spears write a book on raising high-profile children... What ever happened to sending pregnant teens on an extended vacation to have the baby? Why do we need to know she is pregnant at 12 weeks?