Monday, December 10, 2007

What Sucks...Jennifer Love Hewitt

All right…

You’re a crappy actress then!

And a crappy singer!
You dated Carson Daly- publicly and for a long time!
You made the same movie twice- I Know What You Did Last Summer, and then it’s sequel “I STILL Know What You Did Last Summer”, which should have been called “I Know What You Did 2 Summers Ago”
You were in Garfield AND Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties! Where you did not even do justice to the great character of Liz!
You were in “Tuxedo”!
You flaunted your boobs from the moment “Party of Five” started to the closing credits of the last episode of Ghost Whisperer, a show whose message seems to be, “Ghosts love tits”!

So you won’t shut me up. You have to answer for your sins.

Keep calling her fat! Clearly, we are getting to her.

Now, join me in starting another campaign, calling Brooke Hogan a Hulk Hogan look-alike- oh wait, already started that…


frenchtoast said...

Imagine if you put her lard body with Brook Hogan's man face, woof!

Deb said...

She has bad taste in bikinis too.

DouglasG said...

Perhaps she needs to get on the Brooke Hogan 'roid plan.

Anonymous said...

Man o Man does this dink think she's all that. I just saw this horrid movie about her and some Brit dude. Money back please!

You suck. You are a hack. You're a nitwit and you need to GO AWAY.

God, why did you create such nitwits like her?

Jamie J. said...

Jennifer love Hewitt is the hottest girl in the WORLD, speaking from a male perspective.
You people are just jealous you don't have you amazing body, beautiful face, and awesome boobs.

Go use your time more productively, and stop slagging off people you don't know and learn about through the media.
She is an amazing actress, I for one love Ghost Whisperer, and not just for the reason that she is in it, its a good show.

She will always remain better than you dipshits.

Anonymous said...

Uh no, we hate her cause she's a douchebag. She can't act, she can't sing, and the only reason she gets anywhere is by sticking her boobs around or by flaunting her "jeweled" cunt.
Please disappear into obscurity and failure you useless twit.

Anonymous said...

You are Lard Butt Jennifer love hewitt, You will not be So Hot all your life, Jessica alba is way hotter than you are, you should pack up and go home,no one cares anymore, the best money you can get is if you work for Playboy, and i will not even think of buying playboy if you were on the cover, you are so yesterday,I hate you and you ugly face and your Big Ugly nose and your so called movie star looks,I will Relive myself on your Hollywood star.You suck,No Sorrey.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time,there was an Ugly Duckiling who was sooooo Ugly,Everybody DIED.That is you Jennifer Love Hewitt,Enjoy the fame,while you still can.Because when you turn 50 year's old.Everything you know about today,Will be gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Love Hewitt is soooooo Ugly,it will take two of her to get any Uglier.(Garfield by Jim Davis)

Cj M said...