Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What Sucks...Turkeys Are Dicks Part 2

Feeling a little bit guilty about eating turkey this year again? Is it not resting well with you that 200 million turkeys will be eaten for dinner tomorrow? Well, take a look at some of this stuff from National Geographic that turkeys are responsible for and maybe you won’t feel so bad. Did you know…

…Turkeys fully support deadbeat dads and have lobbied Congress on their behalf.

…Two Turkeys have un-credited “Story By” acknowledgments on Rush Hour 3.

…A Turkey sits on the board of “Southern Company”, one of the world's leading polluters!

…A turkey invented the APR fee on credit cards.

…While in a crowded elevator, which is stopping on every floor, a turkey will often say “Well, looks like we’re on the local!”

So enjoy eating these total a-holes tomorrow and Happy Thanksgiving all!

What Sucks will return on Monday November 26- live 6-7 PM on "The Sauce"! On Fuse! Which is a cable channel!


Anonymous said...

I agree f turkeys!

Anonymous said...

what channel man?!!

Anonymous said...

your on a roll!

Anonymous said...

make sure you mention how craig ferguson sucks. i'll give you a $1.