Wednesday, November 07, 2007

What Sucks…This Woman Who Killed Albino Deer

I don’t know how rare albino deer are, I imagine they are rare, I’ve never seen one, but imagine the over-all shitiness involved with being an albino deer, and having to be taken out by this chick.

Also, call it a major disconnect, but this story would be reported so much differently in New York. Anyway you cut it, what a fountain of suck this evening's news was for deer albino or otherwise. Tough break deer, sorry you had to be taken out by this lady, who right now is probably waiting for a “Hot Pocket” to finish cooking in her microwave.

Go ahead and forward this link to any children you know- let them know a lady in Minnesota had to "creep 40 yards" so she could shoot the last unicorn.

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