Friday, November 16, 2007

What Sucks…Things That Suck From The Perspective of Fish


Hey great idea, putting something I like to eat into the water, then when I go to bite it, I am dragged out of the water by my lips. Seriously, this is awesome. It gets even better, when I am pulled into a boat, judged to be too small, and thrown back into the water after a hook as been ripped from my mouth. Now, I’m scarred forever and rejected. Any fish reading this- worms don’t swim! You see a worm bobbing in your lake, stay away!

…Cleaning Fish

Another misleading term- hey, who doesn’t like to be “cleaned” oh wait, why are you cutting my head off? Oh “cleaning” means, cleaning me of my skin. Nice.


Oh, enjoying your expensive appetizer? You know to whom it costs even more? Me. You’re eating my next generation you rich bastard.

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