Monday, November 05, 2007

What Sucks...The AMPTP

There’s a writer strike beginning Monday, one of the main issues being compensation for material used in what is called “New Media”. New media is the new and re-purposed content you see or will see on your cell phone, iPods and the web.

Networks and studios sell that content and make large amounts of money on it without compensating those who have created it. As of now these corporations are being asked to pay the creators of that content somewhere along the lines of 2.5 cents of every dollar they make on it. That proposal, starting at 2.5 cents of each dollar they make, has so enraged the studios and networks that they have chosen to leave the negotiating table.

So support the WGA in their efforts to get a fair contract. Thanks and remember, WGA members only write “According To Jim”, they’re not the people who decide to put it on the air.

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j said...

Wasn't the huge increase in 'reality' programming partly due to the last writers' strike? How many more Bachelor(ette) variations, Growing up Gotti crapfests must we now endure?

There's a problem on the horizon for networks and independent stations--lack of new fodder for syndication. You can't syndicate reality shows. Nobody wants to watch a five-year-old "amazing race" when you can google and find out who won.

I hope they win this. The folks controlling the purse strings are getting greedy.