Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Sucks…Stephon Marbury, Isiah Thomas and The Knicks

What a well-oiled machine of suck the Knicks are. To get this kind of pure, unadulterated, shittiness, you really have to go all the way back to something like the Coalition Provisional Authority set up in the early days of the Iraq invasion lead by Paul Bremer. (That’s right folks, there’s a war is still going on and I’m reminding you of it- I am SO in your face!)

Just in the past few months here are a few things that have gone down with the Knicks- keep in mind, this is an NBA Basketball team, not the Woo-Tang Clan in their hey-day.

Coach Isiah Thomas and Point Guard, leading player Stephon Marbury may have gotten into a fistfight on an airplane.

Stephon Marbury just basically leaves the team when they land in Phoenix. This is a guy by the way who basically has caused the trade of about 6 players off the Knicks, 5 of whom wanted to kick his ass- and caused the firing of at least one, maybe two, Hall of Fame coaches.

This interview happens…

This video is made…

The team’s owner- James Dolan, testifies on videotape, wearing a horrible sweater, that he fired Anucha Browne Sanders because she made a big deal about getting sexually harassed. His sweater is so schubby looking no one really pays attention to what he’s actually saying, which is that he fired her for speaking out, effectively admitting to wrongfully terminating her.

Isiah loses a sexual harassment case costing his boss and MSG 11 million bucks in which it is revealed that Starbury has not only called the woman who is suing Isiah Thomas a “bitch”, but has also had sex with a Knick intern in his SUV.

What's next? A gunfight? Someone kills someone else? This team has so many public embarrassments that people in NY actually think Eddy Curry playing center is a good thing.

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