Friday, November 02, 2007

What Sucks…Quick Hits

…Kid Rock Having The # 1 Album/ Kid Rock Fighting Everyone

Why is Kid Rock getting into fights wherever he goes and how the hell did he have the # 1 album? America is clearly torn. People are either listening to Kid Rock or fighting him. The VMA’s, a Waffle House- there is no reason why Kid Rock should be fighting more than Chuck Liddell.

…The Flu Shot

Look, I’m no doctor but the flu shot is actually the flu they are shooting into you. Great thanks! Can’t wait for the Hepatitus C shot- no wait, let me save you some time, I’ll just sleep with an Eastern European hooker!

…The People Pissed About Dumbledore’s Gayness

Why do religious people sweat fictional character gayness so much? The guy doesn’t exist. You want to worry about actual gay people- try your priests. (Dissed and dismissed, Catholic Church!)

…TI Getting Arrested

Getting arrested trying to buy a gun happens. Getting arrested at the BET Awards while trying to buy 3 machine guns with 2 silencers and having 9 more guns in your home and car happens at the Source Awards. When people get busted like this, they usually say they need the guns for protection- who’s coming after TI, Master Chief?

Even DMX is like “Dude, seriously, chill.”

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Tom said...

I know this is an old post, and you couldn't be more right about the terribleness of Kid Rock, but you couldn't be more wrong about flu vaccines. Any vaccine is either a dead or severely weakened form of the virus: this means it can't make you ill, but your bodies natural defences can learn how to destroy it so if you get infected with the virus proper you're able to fight it off. Vaccines are a really good idea. Unfortunately there's no vaccine for hepatitis C. This is partly because the people who tend to be infected with it - prostitutes, drug addicts - are the kinds of people society doesn't care about, so there's very little political will or financial incentive to treat or prevent it. This sucks.