Monday, November 26, 2007

What Sucks...Me, In Yet Another Episode of the Web Series I Wrote

Episode 4: Porn.

Yes, I'm holding a mirror up to society once again- this time its focused on adult video games. Are we laughing or are we crying because I have gotten to the heart of yet another issue...

Oh what the hell, just click on that fucker, we need some hits on it.

If you get a chance, leave a comment- try and beat "Jean-Claude", who said "I don't know whether to laugh or rip my eyes out."

Seriously, that quote will go on the DVD box.

Or "Steed" who wrote "...doubt any of those people have been with a real woman..."

I think, as an artist, that is exactly what I'm looking for.


Susie said...

You are fabulous in that!! Love it. Would post on my blog but my Brit relatives would actually have heart attacks.

thisguysucks said...

Oh man I can't believe your blog is about "what sucks", I recently made one that is about people who suck!!!

Anonymousfornow said...

So far, this one is my favorite...(way to go on the sad wookie).

Scorby said...

Did they ever get a fluffer?