Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Sucks…Me, In A Web Series I Wrote: MoCap Men

Hello, two hundred and eighty-four readers who come by here for a page view each day. Please check out this web short I wrote and shot over the summer. It has premiered on and will hit YouTube this week as well. Do me a favor, click on it about million times if you can- I’d appreciate it and if you think it’s cool, forward it to someone you like- if you think it sucks, forward it to someone you don’t like.

Mo Cap tells the story of two idiots who work in the in a motion capture studio (motion capture is the digital recording of movement for use in video game design). They get the crappy assignments and think they are very talented while they are not. It’s kind of like “The Office” meets “Tron”.

There are 6 webisodes, each one will appear on Spike’s Gamehead (hosted by the great Geoff Keighley) and then it will go onto the web- so click on each new episode a million times so I can be as rich and famous as that Tay Zonday guy!

Also, there’s a video game I wrote based on the series in which you can attack a guy using a pit-bull. It’s free, so check that out here…


Just a word of caution there is some adult language, (and a guy shows his ass) so, you know, perhaps keep the volume down if you’re at work and avoid viewing it in front of “uptight folk”.

Thanks in advance for taking 2 minutes away from your normal porn intake to check out my videos!


swandad said...

Not bad!

Anonymous said...

Dude -it wouldn't open -damn what a great idea for a video game.(is Michael Vick in it?)

If you go to you can see a short video game where guys can burn down a bed and breakfast with a flame thrower with their wives and girlfriends inside.