Monday, October 29, 2007

What Sucks…The Colorado Rockies

I can’t believe the Boston Red Sox have won TWO World Series in my lifetime. Hey Rockies, thanks for showing up.

Making this better, the Red Sox win their SECOND World Series in four years in the same year that my Yankees passive aggressively get rid of a guy who’s made the playoffs 12 years in a row, and won 4 World Championships through that time.

The Pats are 7-0, the Celtics have Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Even Rudy Giuliani announced he was rooting for the Sox- I mean how much better can life get for Boston fans? What’s next, the legalization of date rape? You guys on are on roll.

Hats off to the Sox, 2007 World Champs.

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Girl Friday said...

As a Sox fan, I am thrilled, and I loved the world series. I can commiserate with Yankees fans who are mad about Torre. The way he was treated truly sucked and he deserved better. Good luck to the Yankees. They are a great team. I'm sure the Sox/Yankees rivalry will be fun again next year (but I still hate Johnny Damon).