Thursday, October 04, 2007

What Sucks…Sharper Image: Who Do They Think They’re Kidding? Perv Watch V. 12

Time to call Sharper Image what it is- a great place to buy a coffee maker with a GPS system, and a great place to buy a vibrator. Look at this- (CLICK TO ENLARGE)

One of them is called “The Thumper” for Christ-sakes!

I don’t get it, if someone sells this on 8th Avenue in Manhattan they are a degenerate, but put it in a catalog next to a toothbrush that is also a radio and it’s okay?

Sharper Image can call these things “massagers” all they want, but if you don’t think people are putting these on their privates, you’re naïve. What’s next a line of butt plugs called “inner-ass soothers”?

I don’t understand how they sell this stuff without getting re-zoned. Check out this link…NSFW! Yes, keep going in there and you’ll find chair sized vibrators, I guess for pervs who like to lounge around!

For years Sharper Image has been catering to a rich clientele of people who like the latest in gadgets- I never understood who would keep their store in business, now we have our answer- people who want a vibrator with a built in DVD Player, or in other words- millionaire, trust-fund pervs.


Anonymous said...

lets face it Sharper Images just sell a bunch of useless crap any way. really will the world end is Sharper Images stopped having this junk manufactured. actually it would be a better place. do we really need any of this stuff? Its all Bullshit to make a few very rich at the expense of many over seas workers who expose them self's the toxic chemicals so some bozo can buy a tooth brush with a radio. Get a clue people. your lost in the misperceptions of all this marketing bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Sharper Image pisses me off. It is the epitome of useless f*cking shit at its best.

Anonymous said...

Sharper Image allows and encourages their customer service representatives to lie to customers. How very sad.