Tuesday, October 02, 2007

What Sucks…Isiah Thomas: “I Will Lose On Any Court!”

Isiah Thomas today showed Knick fans his incredible versatility by losing in ACTUAL court, as opposed to his regular losing on a basketball court.

Speaking outside a New York City courthouse, Thomas told reporters “he wasn’t done yet” before unveiling plans to face US Open Champion Roger Federer “anytime, anywhere.”

“I will go to any court, in any land, and face anybody and lose.” A defiant Thomas said adding, “Can anyone here teach me squash? I understand it’s played on a court. Anyone?”

Thomas was then interrupted by his cell phone where he was overheard attempting to trade Knicks forward David Lee for former Timberwolves center Eddie Griffin, who died earlier this year.

A jury ruled Thomas, James Dolan and Madison Square Garden have to pay Anucha Browne Sanders 11 million dollars. Thomas was unaffected at first, until the judge in the case instructed the jury foreman to put the punishment into terms Thomas could understand- “you know, what someone like you would pay to, I don’t know,
Raef LaFrentz, even now, after repeated surgery.” Hearing that, Thomas broke down.

Click here (you may have to scroll down) to see Stephon Marbury in a pink suit, move his hands to "get closer to god".

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