Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What Sucks…Gargamel

What is this asshole’s problem with Smurfs?

Depending on your source, Gargamel hates Smurfs and wants to capture them because he…

a) thinks they can be used to make gold
b) wants to put them in a pot and make tea
c) just wants to eat them
d) all of the above

Which is it? Will they make gold? Will they make tea? Or is it “none of the above” and just a case of one, bitter man so overcome with hate, so cold in his heart, that all he can do is destroy?

What would lead a man to create “Smurfette”, a female Smurf, in an effort to destroy the Smurf community? Clearly, and sadly, it’s unadulterated hate. Gargamel wants Smurfs- little, blue, cheery Smurfs- dead.

Think that kind of hate doesn’t matter? Swap out the word “Smurf” for “Chinese Person”, “Native American”, or “Swede”. Or Mexican. How funny is unchecked, unfounded hatred now? A man thinking Chinese people can be used to make gold? A man wanting to make tea with a Native Americans? A man wanting to eat a Swede? A man inventing a female Mexican to infiltrate Mexico and cause their destruction.

This world has too much hatred without cause. Gargamel is a symbol of that hate and that can’t stand.


Kate said...

'A man wanting to eat a swede?'

There's no accounting for taste, but i hear some people do like them. Some people also call them 'rutabagas'.

Katie said...

Gargamel doesn't suck - he deserves to win!

SO funny!