Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What Sucks…Britney, Britney As A Parent

A judge, in an American court today, this is not a joke, this was in an actual court, said, as part of his job as a judge- totally seriously- that K Fed, Britney’s one time husband who was like a backup dancer and came out with a hip hop album a year or so ago, was a better parent- this is a guy who has two kids with the girl from Moesha, who left the girl from Moesha while she was pregnant to go be with Britney- was a BETTER parent than Britney, and took her kids away from her, and gave them to K Fed.

A judge GAVE kids to K-Fed.

This is not one of those King Solomon “cut the baby in half” thing- where the real parent is supposed to jump in there and do the right thing at the last minute- in his better judgment, as part of his job as a judge, the guy said “Holy shit, K-Fed, thank god you’re here. Here, take these kids, perhaps with you, they have a chance. Yes, you K-Fed. Stop looking around. I am talking to you. K-Fed. I can’t legally give the kids to the family dog. I looked into it- it’s a no-go.”

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frenchtoast said...

Was letting the kids to be raised by wolves an option? Really not a bad one if you look at the other choices.