Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What Sucks…“Aluminum Bottles”

Yeah, these are great, except that, you know, they’re cans. I’ll drink a cold beer before a game any time you like- and when I order it from your bar, and get charged 7 bucks for it, do me a favor- don’t bullshit me- don’t tell me this is a “bottle”. I like a cold bottle of Bud, or Heineken, or whatever- don’t give me a differently shaped can, and act like it’s a bottle. And don’t look at me weird when I say “Oh, okay, all you have are cans today?”

I want a beer, I don’t want to sit there and lie to myself.

I’m still gonna drink the beer and probably buy a few more for me and my friends, but let’s not play this bullshit game.

Bottles are made of glass and when you knock them over, and they land on the floor, they shatter, not dent.

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Anonymous said...

They're so much harder to break over your head too.