Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What Sucks...Quick Hits: Couple of Things I Missed Over The Weekend That Sucked


What, are we going to start giving them credit for playing a good Division 1-AA school in their home opener? Put a fork in these guys already and eat the thousands of “Grade AA Upset”/ “APP-Elation” headlines that will haunt your dreams!

By the way, the most effective pro you guys have in the NFL not named Tom Brady is Armani Toomer! Suck on that Wolverine fans!

...Sharks Off The Coast Of Queens!

If you need another reason not to go swimming off the coast of Queens, here it is.

This is great, sharks feeling so empowered they show up at Rockaway- I guess I should just resign myself to the fact that I'll soon see one the subway.


HoneyNut said...

In terms of Michigan grads, I will point you in John Runyan's direction. A LOT better than Amani Toomer.

Chris DeLuca said...

Sorry, wasn't aware he was good- I've only seen him in big games.

That's right Eagle fans, I went there.