Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What Sucks…Avril Lavigne’s "Imagine"

Yeesh. Reason 8 million Mark David Chapman sucks.

Ironic that this song appears Amnesty International's "Instant Karma: Save Darfur" CD, as listening to Avril Lavigne sing is just below "The Way Egypt Treats Political Dissenters" on Amnesty International’s list of human rights abuses.

Some people can pull off an “Imagine” cover. Ray Charles, Joan Baez has one on iTunes, okay, she has credibility, I’d like to see Neil Young do it- Bruce perhaps, but Avril Lavigne? Why not Mark David Chapman?

No Avril I will not Imagine there’s heaven because clearly, you doing this song makes it apparent there is only hell, and we are living it every day.

Buy the Instant Karma Save Darfur album and save someone’s life while John Lennon’s music is disgraced by Avril Lavigne!


hectornemez said...

You CAN hear Neil Young do "Imagine."

frenchtoast said...

Whoa, she totally crapped all over that song

Kate said...

She royally fouled up a christmas song for one of the Maybe This Christmas albums. Her vocal control rivaled that of, as my sister once said, a dying cat playing the bagpipes. She can screw up anything that requires musical skill.