Friday, September 14, 2007

What Sucks… September 11th, Best Night Ever

Best Night Ever: 9-11-07

"Best Night Ever" people- on September 11th, take the night off! Stop making people say "It's September 11th, and I'm having the best night ever!" No one is having the best night ever. You don't have to do the podcast- run a repeat of something else- this is not one of those things that if we DON'T do it, the terrorists win. What are you telling me? It's been 6 years and I should get over it? No, I don't think so!

Let's live blog!

What Sucks Bonus…Live-blogging Things That Shouldn’t Be Live-Blogged: Best Night Ever, September 11th!

:01 Ugh. Most insulting of all, a commercial in front of an internet clip. iFilm blows.

:15 Okay, opening graphics…

:20 Here’s Kristy Webb and she’s telling me it’s Tuesday, September 11th and “Guess what?” She had the best night ever. Really? You know who else did? Osama Bin Laden.

:33 Worst. Graphic. Ever.

Best Night Ever, at the top. Then “Biggest Loser”- thanks for rubbing it in. Then “Big Brother” nice, add a touch of paranoia. And then a little further down, something called “Surviving Moments of Impact” and then at the bottom the words “Thursday” (even though it’s Tuesday), “September 11”. Great, a a power point presentation on the worst day of our lives, from the people who gave us the “Sizzler”.

:50 Kristy does an amusing bit where she pretends her hand is a puppet, before throwing to the 1st clip. This is now 9-11 for ventriloquists as well.

:54 Biggest Loser clip shows people mulling around, seeing something they don’t recognize and then screaming. Ahem, remind you of anything?

1:22 Kristy is back.

1:38 Big Brother Clip rolls- someone’s dad has visited them on the show, and embarrassed the person a little.

1:50 Kristy’s back saying “if you look back on all those little league games maybe it was a GOOD thing your dad wasn’t around.” Nice touch, you know about the missing dad thing if this was not airing on September 11th! Kristy’s now makes a face as if to say “That’s right, kid of a firefighter, I went there.”

2:05 We’re on the “What Perez Says” clip. He’s out of his element, he shouldn’t be talking to Amy Wino, he should be drawing jizz on her face.

2:31 Wow- we’re on a clip that is showing “trainwrecks” and collisions. Well, this is it. The perfect segue. Wow. There gonna show the planes going into the tower, aren’t they? Forget the clever subtlety of the past- they're gonna show it!

2:55 Wow. Dodged a bullet.

3:02 We’re at the 106 and Park part of the show. Kanye and Fitty are talking about Kenny Chesney and admitting they’re not fans of country music.

3:25 We’re back to Kristy and she does a take on Kanye West and his appearance on the Katrina telethon. “Kanye West doesn't care about country music people.” Wow. Nice way to evoke in the other great American tragedy of our time. I am impressed. Kristy Webb is making children all over America cry.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus H. Christ, for a comedy writer you have the sense of humour of a desiccated tree.
OH NOEZ ITS IN BAD TASTE PRODUCING SOMETHING ON 9/11, unless this is a massive parody then you're a complete moron.