Monday, September 24, 2007

What Sucks Salutes…Women With Bad Taste In Men!

...Christina Prody- the girlfriend of OJ!

...Eva Braun- she loved Hitler!

...Hedda Nussbaum- married Joel Steinberg!

...Tina Turner! Face it, she didn't exactly pick a winner!

...And the women (there were two) who married Gallagher!


Anonymous said...

Honorable Mention?

Osama's 23 wives.

Dawn said...

You must be a man. Can't go by the name and I didn't exactly investigate it, LOL.
I can just tell...let's leave it at that. However, I do feel this pull to comment. I agree but it is simply bad taste by many, MANY, no matter the gender!
Look, hello? LOOK at OJ's girlfriend's boobs. You can't read anything into that other than a man's personal sexual feelings? What is causing so many women and girls to butcher themselves for something so petty? I mean whatever happen to nature? Other Countries women are very comfortable in their own skin. There is not 3 million Joan Rivers faces wandering around.
As for Joy Behar...agree again. Only normal one!

Dawn said...

OH WOW, I do have a decent blog ;P
And a GREAT name!

Anonymous said...

Prody chick not so hot either...