Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What Sucks...Weirdo Radio Host John DePetro: Perv Watch V.11

How much of a perv is radio host John DePetro? Can he make more awkward mentions of porn in this MSNBC interview segment?

Take a look at it, (it’s long, so please if you’re driving, pull over- DePetro’s stuff starts at 1:31).

Seriously, who’s the perv here? Go ahead and work “Throbbing Hood” or “City Lickers” into a statement as many times as this guy does without feeling like you need to take a shower. He makes Ron Jeremy, a guy who you could google and find a picture of sucking his own dick, look like a Lincoln-esque debater.

John DePetro is a radio host? What is the show about, porn?

In a related story, there’s a 24 hour news channel called MSNBC?

John DePero, perv.

1 comment:

Anonymousfornow said...

...And don't forget "The Mutiny on the Booty"

And I will admit here, in front of you and your audience, that I have seen Ron Jeremy in porno action (I have always found him a bit repulsive).