Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What Sucks...The Reaper

The reaper took beloved Yankee shortstop and broadcaster Phil Rizzuto today at the age of 89.

What can you say? Having the Scoter do Yankee games was like having an uncle on the air, doing the play by play. Absentmindedly watching Yankee telecasts, calling people “huckleberries”, warning of the dangers of lightening and hurrying out of the booth during the 7th inning, to beat the traffic and get across the GW Bridge, Phil Rizzuto was great.

As a player, he was a Hall of Famer, 8-time World Champion, league MVP in 1950 and 5 time All-Star. He joined the Yanks in 1941, served in the Navy for 3 years during WW2, and left the Yanks as a broadcaster in 1996.

And I’m guessing here, but pretty sure he’s got to be the classiest person ever involved with “The Money Store”.

So, so long Scooter- you’ll be missed, go up to Heaven and get to the bottom of that whole lightening thing.


dehumidifier said...

When I hear the name phil rizzuto I think about george's pothole keychain from seinfeld.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Reaper!

Anonymous said...

The worst part is the rise in "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" playings.