Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What Sucks...The Lohan V. Britney Race To Death

It's on!

Who will die first!?

Lohan had the early lead but Britney's REALLY flexing the mental instability muscles lately. BUT Lohan treats rehab the way Superman treats the Fortress of Solitude- she emerges from that place and she is re-freaking-energized!

It's anyone's call!


pale male said...

Lohan is indestrucible!

she cannot be killed

not by bad reviews

not by Dina's pool boys

not an IED made of cocaine

Chris DeLuca said...

true- at this point you may have to go with Britney, Lohan is basically Bruce Willis in "Unbreakable".

Cheryl said...

Lindsay is a dirty Irish whore. She's genetically predisposed to being a passed-out, drunk slut.

Invisible Woman said...

Love this blog, love the comments