Saturday, August 18, 2007

What Sucks...Most Things Having To Do With Mines

Mines suck. Hard. And it seems every day a new tragedy surrounding mines hits the news. When I began writing this posting, I had in mind the story of how three RESCUE workers died trying to save 6 trapped miners in Utah. Before I was able to post, news broke of 180 miners in China, feared dead, trapped in a mine due to a flood.

Mine tragedies are literally occurring faster than I can react to them. I apologize in advance to any one I fail to mention who should find themselves trapped in a mine, in the time it takes me to type and my internet browser to refresh itself.

Mines are one of those things that not only suck, but manage to make everything associated with them suck as well. Kind of like that Dolan guy who owns the Knicks or adult contemporary music. .

Mines blow so bad that, in my estimation the last good thing associated with them that wasn’t involved with a rescue of someone trapped in one, was the film “Coal Miner’s Daughter”, which was released in 1978 AND was not exactly good PR for mines. That’s 31 years in between something remotely good for mines, which is a while. As a matter of fact, currently “Coal Miner’s Daughter” # 3 on the list of “good things” having to do with mines- #2 is the mining helmet, (the ones with the lights on them, which come on, are pretty cool) and #1 is a poster of a hot chick in a bikini, wearing a mining helmet.

Here’s a short list of things associated with mines. Tell me they don’t suck.

People who own mines.
Mimes (note: sometimes if you say “mines” you may be mistaken for saying for “mimes”, which also suck.)
Black lung disease.
Those metal cart things that run on tracks.
Coal as a source of energy with regard to its impact on the environment.
The term “Clean Coal”.

* denotes when they collapse
** denotes when they do not collapse

Please stay out of mines. You’ll be glad you did.

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