Friday, August 03, 2007

What Sucks...Elmer Fudd

Normally when it comes to Bugs Bunny fucking with someone, however funny it is, you have to admit, most of the time, Bugs is being an a-hole.

For example, I’m not exactly sure why he messes with Yosemite Sam the way he does. It certainly drives him nuts and while we get good entertainment value out of it, there’s little legit reason Bugs has to antagonize the belligerent Sam. Also, there’s a less than subtle rivalry with Daffy Duck that’s happening that Bugs could certainly defuse if he wanted to. Daffy is insecure and if brought into the group, would quickly fall in line.

However, when it comes to Elmer Fudd, Bugs is definitely in the right. Fudd is a motherfucker.

The guy can’t pronounce an “R” and routinely tries to kill Bugs, paying only cursory attention to whether or not rabbits are even in season- rules other hunters must observe, Fudd thumbs his nose at. He is a danger to himself and others, and consistently causes massive collateral damage in his pursuit of killing one, singular rabbit. Furthermore, it’s only by the grace of God, that he’s not dead himself. His gun misfires, or backfires practically all the time- he could very well have been responsible for the deaths of many innocent people.

Also, I know he’s borderline retarded and all, but it’s a little too easy to trick that guy into dressing as a women. He’s a perv.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I hope you feel better now that you got that out of your system! It is a cartoon. Get over it!

Anonymous said...

who are you, a "fudd"? you get over it!