Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What Sucks...The Supreme Court

These douchebags ended their last session on quite a roll. What was the lowlight? Hard to tell, there were many. You had the…

…“Bong Hits 4 Jesus” thing, where, basically, and I’m no lawyer here, some uptight principal didn’t think a huge banner saying “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” being unveiled at as the Olympic Torch passed by was funny. So she had a student take it down and when he refused to tell her whose idea it was to pull the prank in the 1st place, she suspended him for 10 days. Long story short, it became a free speech thing and went all the way up to the Supreme Court, and guess who those cut-ups sided with? Thusly, schools can now tell you to shut up if they think your message (pot is great, funny, etc.) doesn’t jive with theirs (pot is not great nor is it funny, etc.) Don’t think it’s a big deal? Talk to me when an RA shows up at your door to take your “15 Reasons Why Beers Are Better Than Women” poster away. By the way coming in at number 15: You can enjoy a beer all month long. Which is a polite way of saying, beers don’t have periods.

…you also had the huge dump the Supreme Court took on Brown V. Board of Education, while citing Brown V. Board of Education by the way, saying it was unconstitutional to force students of different races to go to school together in Seattle and Kentucky. Where Brown said by definition, if it’s separate, it can’t be equal, the Roberts Court said, yeah, ah, whatever, there is no racism. The ruling is expected to eventually effect many communities across the country, and immediately effect intramural sports in a number of Seattle high schools.

…Don't forget the ruling on abortion the Supreme Court made, without allowing a provision for the mother’s health, therefore making it more difficult to save a woman’s life in a complicated delivery. Being doctors of course, I guess the Supreme Court made the right decision. Oh wait, they ain't doctors.

…finally, you had much of the flawed McCain/Feingold Act thrown out. Granted, this law did not exactly get the job done, but giving corporations even more freedom, if its possible, to own a candidate is a terrible idea, also by defending corporation’s right to free speech- and shitting on a kid who makes a pot joke, kind of tells you the squares are in charge big time.

All in all, these a-holes are making a serious run for “Douches of the Year”, in the category of group or collaboration. And things do not look like they’ll be getting better. For any Dems or moderates or basically anyone other than a neo-con, whom I'm sure read me religiously, out there reading this blog, this is reason enough to electe a democrat for Pres. Justice John Paul Stevens is 84 and hanging on by a thread. The other day in a ruling he sited “someone better get him a blanket because there is a draft in here” and the day before that “old man stink”. I’m saying he’s old- the Court adjourns 20 times a day just for his pee breaks!


Anonymous said...

Pot is an illegal drug dude (like it or not). Allowing a piece of shit kid to flaunt his drug use implicitly approves of it and the responsible thing for the HS administration to do is to have it removed. Yes, he's piece of shit kid who was trying to get a cheap laugh, not a freedom fighter. His parents should have just smacked him upside the head and told him to shut up and take the sign down.

Dave Nelson said...

yo --that natzi moron that thinks it's ok to slap down a kid doing his free speach satire thing -- has got to be a religio redneck.

Move to Iran dude -- you'll feel right at home there (except as a Christian they will probably cut off your empty head.


Anonymous said...

Just cause you can say something does't mean you should. I mean that in a general sense as in a kid shouldn't be allowed to profess his love of pot on school grounds, and in a specific sense as in keep your thoughts to yourself DAVE NELSON.
You called me a nazi - and spelled it wrong (don't claim typo - the "T" is nowhere near either the "Z" or the "A"). I guess you could be right in that the nazis probably told brat kids to shutup all the time... its the whole "killing 6 million Jews" thing that may be inappropriate for the comparison.