Friday, July 13, 2007

What Sucks…Miss New Jersey’s “Blackmail” Pics


This is what you were worried about? Are you shitting me? Having some dude playfully bite you on your boob, over your shirt? Paris Hilton’s communion pictures are worse (she's blowing a priest). Who’s blackmailing you with this, someone in the Taliban?

Wasn’t Miss USA caught snorting coke off the 9-11 flag while getting anal? Worst blackmail scandal ever!

What Sucks Bonus…Whoever The Guy Who’s Blackmailing Miss New Jersey Is

You are a shitty blackmailer. This is the best you can do? This girl is from JERSEY! There’s got to be some better shots out there. What, are you trying to out her as being boring?

Ooh- how hot, a girl holding pumpkins over her boobs, OVER her sweater. This is supposed to be offensive? Who am I, Linus van Pelt*?

*denotes Linus van Pelt worshiped the Great Pumpkin, and would therefore be offended that someone would put pumpkins over their tits.**

**denotes, yeah I explained that joke.

Coming next week- part 3 of What Sucks...Dwarf Porn- an actual interview with a Dwarf Porn star!

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