Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What Sucks…A Toni Collette Film Festival

Not sure one of these would ever exist, but if it did, Jesus, she’s like the Michael Caine of chick flicks. Look at these titles…

“In Her Shoes”
“Connie and Carla”
“Japanese Story”
“The Hours”
“About A Boy”
“Dinner With Friends”
“Muriel’s Wedding”

Jesus, what a nightmare for the eyes the films of this women are for males. Put it this way, if they were going to have a “Toni Collette Section” at your local Blockbuster, it would be in the woman’s bathroom.

And sure, I’ll give you “Little Miss Sunshine” it’s a solid flick, even though it’s hard to call that a “Toni Collette Movie”- I’m not giving you “The 6th Sense”- and I’m sorry, “Clockwatchers” is an indie chick flick- it was just recently replaced in the Oxygen movie rotation by “The Banger Sisters”.

Jesus, she’s such a wet towel, she’s not even a gay icon.


dehumidifier said...

"The Hours" is actually a very good film, if you can get past all the girly stuff. Toni Collette's only in it for a half second.

the Mickey's said...

gee, I've never heard of her. Got some fine lookin plastic tits though.
Dont touch...