Monday, June 04, 2007

What Sucks…The Paris Hilton Mugshot

Does this asshole know what a mugshot is? Who is she posing for? I’m sure the people skimming through mugshot books, looking for a person who stole their wallet or their daughter who is on the street due to a meth addiction, will appreciate the way she is making love to the camera.

It makes me mad- I have to yell at the mugshot- bear with me….

Hey a-hole! This is not a photo shoot! By posing in your “Paris Hilton” way, you’re only making it easier for someone to identify you the next time you commit a crime. And yes, smoking crack is a crime! UNDERSTATED is the way you want to go on mugshots, you a-hole.

But who am I kidding, its not like the next time you break the law or something anyone is going to have a hard time identifying you. They’ll say- that insane skank ho just ran my friend over with her car! I think she’s drunk!


Hey, that girl who set the PAC 10 record for sucking dicks, just did a hit and run on my grandmother. She had coke on her face!

But I'm alone, its cool to have a proud, content smile on your mugshot. Gone are the days of shame. Way to go America!


Anonymous said...

I think she looks hot. How can chicks being hot suck?

º¿º said...

my my

Anonymous said...

She kinda looks like a dude in the second one.

Anonymous said...

Like a hot dude!

Anonymousfornow said...

It's a disgrace to the criminal race.