Monday, June 25, 2007

What Sucks…“The Age Of Love”

Putting a new spin on an old skank-fest, NBC pits a group of 40 year-old women against a group of 20 year-old women to win the heart of a former tennis player who for some reason, needs to go on TV to get a date. (Putting my hand over my mouth, making a coughing sound which sounds remarkably like I’m saying “herpes”.)

My money is on the 20 year-olds. I think they’re gonna pull this one out. Something just tells me. Normally, I’m not good at prognosticating things, you know, but this time, I just have a feeling the 20 year-old women, will be able to beat out the 40 year-old women.

Wait, do the 20 year-old women have incurable, flaming gonorrhea? Late stage syphilis? No? Okay, yeah. Bet the house- 20 year-olds in a landslide.

Is Vegas even taking action on this? The odds have to be one of those “bet 100 dollars, win 10” type things- like before Tyson lost his mind and became a an ear biting, rapist and went up against Michael Spinks.

Anyone see this show yet? NBC has it on Monday nights in the summer because, I guess, it wants 40 year old women to feel bad about themselves. The trailer is linked above, warning- it’s long and dumb.

Hey tennis guy who according to the trailer will soon be making out with someone’s mom, love-40? Not likely! (You people feel free to use that one around your offices!)

The Age of Love is on NBC- Monday Nights at 9!


Deb said...

Watched the clip... the 20 year olds seem snotty, and the 40 year olds look plastic-ee. I never heard of the guy, but they are trying to pass him off as famous. They all suck.

Jenna said...

(Putting my hand over my mouth, making a coughing sound which sounds remarkably like I’m saying “herpes”.)
That made me genuinely laugh out loud, something I don't do often while reading blogs. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

wow that really sucks.I did feel that the 20 year old had a point when she said hopefully she would not be daiting when she is 40.

Anonymousfornow said...

Anonymous--Obviously you are in your twenties.

Although, I was surprised ( and perhaps a little hurt) at the forty-something woman who feared for her tomorrow...

Invisible Woman said...

I'm 37 and waaayy hotter than any of those 20 year old....I'll leave the noun...haha

Anonymous said...

I am closer to 40 than twenty. If I ever get divorced before I am 40 I would not date. That is a waste. By that point you should be thinking sex or no sex.