Friday, June 01, 2007

What Sucks...Swimming Tigers!

Just when you thought it was safe to go in the water, you could get mauled by a tiger. (Bet you didn’t see that “just when you thought it was safe” thing coming…)

Nice job by the trainer here by the way- way to make tiger more dangerous. Seriously, if you can come up with any way to improve its kill rate, by all means, do so.

At least Tiger Vs. Shark is on step closer to happening. (someone make me an old-timey boxing poster for Tiger V. Shark- I'm at work right now and can't!)

By the way, on land, I think we can all agree, you have to give it to the tiger. But now …it looks like the tiger is doing everything it can to even the odds on the shark’s home turf.

Either way both sharks and tigers will not think twice about killing you, be it land or sea.


Justin Lamb said...

Fucking hell, I saw this posted on Digg and it scared the living piss out of me. Seriously, is he having fun? His face is all pulled back all scary and twisted like.

Is he a demon from some alternative universe where hell is made of water. What's even scarier is, it's in Vallejo, CA and I'm in San Francisco. If this thing get's loose in the ocean, I bet it could sink a ship. Or two!

Jenna said...

before I even read the post, when the page loaded and I saw that photo, I cracked up. I don't know why.

piglet said...

He looks mad. They should let him out of the water.

king of hoboken said...

does hoboken have an outdoor swimming pool?