Friday, June 15, 2007

What Sucks…Seniors Working At Fast Food Joints

Get them outta there!

Look, I’m no snob- I don’t think slinging burgers is a “young man’s game”. And it’s not that when you come upon a senior working at a fast food joint, which is more and more common, they don’t ALWAYS get everything right and treat you like a human being- it’s just that, come on- they’ve paid their dues, do they really have to work there?

You’re looking at someone who says “Welcome to McDonald’s how can I help you?”

And I’m like “You built this country. How can I help YOU?”

“Didn’t you win World War II? Why are you working a soda machine?!”

“Would I like fries with that? You fought for the freedom I use to order fries! If it weren’t for you, I’d be ordering in German!”

What happens when a senior working at McDonald's gets his balls busted by the douchebag manager for not pushing the “Shrek” happy meal enough?

“I think I can handle the “Shrek Happy Meal”, I was on the fucking beach at Normandy.”

“Yeah, let me implement the dollar value menu, just like I implemented the Marshall Plan.”

Did they have to interview for the job? What were the questions? “Can you think of a time when you had to exercise judgment and what were the results?”

“Well, there was time we were coming up a hill in Iwo Jima. The island was only 8 miles long but there were 40 thousand troops on it. Jimmy was a kid from Brooklyn, his pop had just gotten season tickets for the Dodgers back home- he was hit pretty bad with shrapnel and…OH YEAH, THERE WAS THIS SHAKE MACHINE THERE…hey can I take my break now, Springsteen wants to write a song about me.”

Is it about the money? Is this what they’re talking about when they worry about Social Security? If Uncle Sam fails you, do you have to turn to Mayor McCheese?


Ben said...

I had no idea every old person was automatically a WWII vet.

Chris DeLuca said...

From your comment, sounds like someone is a manager at a KFC, and feels a little guilty about having a few seniors working like dogs for them.

Judging also from your comment the other day, you have an interesting hidden agenda.

mickey said...

chris- lots of times seniors are bored at home and get a job just for shits. Others have to because of SS, or lack of it.

It's better than sitting home reading stupid blogs that, well, suck.( ;

Anonymous said...


Lisa said...

I agree, elders should get all the help they need. I agree with mickey though, working at fast food places is their own decision. I meet seniors at a nursing home that like to stay active, too.

Erica White said...

I don't want to see elders working at fast foods because it makes my heart break. While they should be staying at retirement communities Long Island and having a nice retirement, they'd still be working all day and night. I hope the government would do something about it.

andieclark said...

Even if they want to work, I still feel that they need to rest now at least have an in home hospice care. They deserve to enjoy life even if they're on their latter years.