Monday, June 04, 2007

What Sucks…People Who Bring Their Kids Into R-Rated Movies On Saturday Nights

First thing - this is not about what you let your kid watch. I could care less what you show them content wise. They’re your kids, raise them as you want, just don’t raise them in front of me at the 10:10 Saturday night showing of “Knocked Up”.

What, you can’t find someone to watch your kid, so now we’re ALL gonna watch them? And yeah, a-hole, we’re watching them- they’re running up and down the aisle, bouncing on chairs and getting up four times as they impatiently eat goobers and popcorn.

I don’t get this. Did I get hammered and talk loudly at some 4:45 showing of Madagascar? Okay, don’t answer that- let me rephrase- did I get hammered and try and make-out with someone during some 3PM screening of Happy Feet? Shit, don’t answer that either, but you get the point.

Hey, a-hole parent, do us all a favor, get a sitter- and if you can’t, don’t come to the movies. I came to this movie to have a good time, not to tell your kid what “fuck” means.

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