Thursday, June 21, 2007

What Sucks…Hillary Clinton

I don’t have a lot of time today, chiefly because I’m behind at work as I decided yesterday to write 750 words on “We Built This City” by Starship. But I would be remiss in writing a blog about what sucks, and not mention this whole Hillary Clinton/ Sopranos parody thing.

Suffice to say, she sucks, it sucks and the fact that it all leads up to the reveal that her campaign has chosen a Celine Dion tune as its theme, just ups the level of suckdom to “11”. Seriously, Celine Dion? Come on. You’re shitting me. It reminds me of the time my intramural basketball team would blast “You’re Still The One” before we came out to play ‘cept we were being ironic. Kinda. Most of us were. Anyway, Celine Dion does nothing for me. Unless she’s trying to get the vote of women with giant heads who marry dudes who are 200 years old- who also are pervs because they knew Celine when she was like 11, I don’t get it.

And I’m not even mentioning she parodying a scene that could contain (SPOILER WARNING) the violent murder of a criminal. Well, I guess I am mentioning that.

Any way, to recap- Hillary Clinton sucks, her Sopranos thing sucks and Celine Dion sucks.


DouglasG said...

Triple decker suckage for sure! It has the hole, "Mom is trying to be hip and funny" vibe to it. Mom always misses by a mile as does this clip!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Hilary for being able to convey death better than the writers of the Sopranos! It is clear that Hillary's political career is dead as per this piece of footage. Let us all have a cigar Monica style in her honor!

mickey said...

hillary was def the star,that sucks.

Rosetta Stone said...


Nobody exploits phony paradigms, obfuscates the truth, or games the system like the Clintons:


Chris DeLuca said...

the only reason I haven't deleted the lunatic comment above is because I will soon be doing a "what sucks...these comments" entry one day and need that one there.